Magical discoveries: hidden architecture gems of Andalusia

In Genuine Andalusia we are big fans of architecture, so we are often out exploring the countless beautiful buildings that Andalusia has to offer. On one of our recent exploration journeys, we decided to visit the former monastery of San Isidoro del Campo, just outside Seville. It is a construction dating from the 14th century that welcomed us with the stunning façade shown right below these lines.

As soon as we saw the geometrical patterns above the pointed gothic arches, we understood that this was going to be a very special visit, featuring one of our favorite architecture styles: Mudejar.

Mudejar Monastery

Mudejar is a beautiful style that emerged in Spain from the 12th until the 16th century as a result of the interaction between the Christian (Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance) and Muslim artistic trends of that time.

As soon as we stepped into the monastery, we saw some amazing Mudejar murals that left us speechless. Their colorful frescoes seemed to suit perfectly this holy construction. They filled the walls of one the cloisters evoking tranquility and meditation.

These are some of the pictures that we took and through which we want to share with our blog readers, the joy of being in such a magic space. You can click on them to enlarge.

We believe that history, art and architecture trigger inspiration and help to learn about a region’s culture and way of life in an unique way. This is precisely one of our goals in Genuine Andalusia: to share with our guests those places, those traditions, those foods and those experiences that make travels memorable.

If you are planning to visit South West Spain and would like to come on a discovery journey with us, we’d be delighted to take you on board. We can design a custom tour for you and your party or suggest one of our tours.