city tours
We have designed these city tours for those travelers arriving to Seville, Cadiz or Jerez by themselves, who would like to have a local host to make the most of their time there.
Along these city tours, we share with our guests the most beautiful hidden corners, best kept secrets and greatest tapas bars of the three Andalusian cities we are most fond of.

city tours: seville behind the scenes

City tours: Seville behind the scenesSeville is a beautiful city which due to its large size and concentration of world heritage monuments tends to keep visitors within a fairly reduced area. This often leaves them with a rather limited impression of its particular character and uniqueness.
Small secret buildings full of history and tradition, charming corners, artisan shops, hiding courtyards and cosy and quirky local tapas bars are not easily discovered due to the city’s many tourist attractions and multilingual restaurants.
With this walking tour we will explore and learn about the architecture, identity and local everyday life of 4 different quarters in the city centre. We will focus on their history and differences in order to get a wide perspective of the city and its inhabitants. Read more

city tours: cadiz and the americas

City Tours: Cadiz and the AmericasCádiz is known for being one of the oldest cities in the world. Many civilizations have been attracted by its strategic coastal location throughout the history leaving an enormous heritage.
One of Cádiz’s most glorious periods started in the early 18th century when it held the monopoly of the trade with the Americas, formerly established in Seville. This attracted many wealthy merchants from different parts of the world who settled down in the city.
Cádiz experienced then some very important changes and quickly became an exclusive cosmopolitan hub for the emerging international bourgeoisie.
With this tour we will enjoy the beauty and magnificence of those years.Read more

City Tours: jerez old town for foodies

City Tours: Jerez old town for foodiesThe famous word Sherry comes from “Sherish”. That’s the name that the Muslims gave to the city of Jerez, as we know it today. The oldest quarters of Jerez keep their charming Moorish urban planning inside the city walls, that were built in the 12th century. This tour will take us through the narrow winding streets of the former Muslim medina and to the unique quarter that first developed outside the walls.
Along the way we will see the lively atmosphere of the town and take a few stops to understand and experience the important role that food and wine play in the local culture.
We will have a typical Andalusian breakfast before starting our walk, venture into some old Sherry bars full of character serving quality tapas and… Read more