Genuine Andalusia, Bespoke Tour Operator of the year 2018!

We have been awarded Bespoke Tour Operator of the year 2018 for Andalucia by the Luxury Travel Guide!

This is excellent news to finish 2017 and to welcome 2018! When the Luxury Travel Guide announced the winners in their Holiday & Tour Specialist awards 2018, we were thrilled to know that Genuine Andalusia had been successful in winning Bespoke Tour Operator of the year for Andalucia!

It all started in October 2017 when the Luxury Travel Guide contacted us to let us know that we had been nominated as a potential winner in their 2018 awards in the category of Bespoke Tour Operator.

Logo shortlisted for Bespoke Tour Operator of the year for Andalucia. Luxury Travel Guide.

Then, during their judging process, the panel that takes the final decision considered ten specific factors amongst the shortlisted companies. These were:

1.- Service excellence: something that we always aim at, because nothing can beat the personal satisfaction of going above and beyond for our guests.

2.- Local knowledge: we are constantly doing research and inspection trips throughout Andalusia. Our goal is to have a deeper understanding of our homeland and of its potential for the modern, discerning traveler. These trips also allow us to select the experiences, guides, hotels and restaurants that are most suited to our values and demands.

3.- Cultural understanding: not only we are fully aware of how important it is to have a deep understanding of our own culture but also of others. Because of this, we travel ourselves as much as we can and in a way that enhances and widens our vision of the world.

4.- Communication skills: our services are based on an ongoing dialogue with our guests. This dialogue starts during the design phase of the itinerary, it continues all along the trip and concludes with a guest satisfaction survey. Then, it is very common that we stay in touch with our guests!

5.- Employee satisfaction: the management of Genuine Andalusia is fully aware of how important it is to have satisfied employees in order to have satisfied clients. Our network of collaborators has been created based on our corporate values. These corporate values are the ones that shine through during our tours and professionalism, warmth, passion and attention to detail are amongst the top ones!

6.- Diversity: the three pillars of our project are culture & heritage, food & wine and outdoors & nature. These three areas of specialization combined with the geographical richness that our homeland has to offer, allow us to design various types of itineraries suited to modern, discerning travelers with different preferences and expectations.

7.- Use of technology: Genuine Andalusia was born in the digital era and has a telecom engineer as its founder. Technology is the core of our internal processes, of our communication with our guests and of the way present ourselves to the world!

8.- Online visibility: we like to be there for our guests and to keep them informed about our activity. That’s why we have an active blog and continuous updates on social media. Besides, we have been featured in many prestigious online newspapers increasing our overall online visibility.

9.- Marketing and branding: we try our best to have a marketing and branding that transmits our corporate values and the type of services we offer. We believe this is essential for potential guests to understand who we are, what we do and how we do it!

10.- Disability provisions: we have a special weakness for people that have the courage to travel in spite of the difficulties they may have. When we get a request from them, we always go the extra mile to cater for them! We have had some of the most enriching experiences while touring with people with special needs.

We are thrilled with having been named Bespoke Tour Operator of the Year 2018 for Andalusia by The Luxury Travel Guide! And even more so after we were informed that this year there was an unprecedented number of shortlisted companies.

Logo of winner bespoke tour operator of the year for Andalucia. The Luxury Travel Guide

This little milestones keep us fully motivated to continue connecting travellers with the essence of our homeland, through authentic local experiences. It is a great source of satisfaction for us to have been awarded with this recognition and we look forward to providing many more memorable tours in the future!

If your travels are going to take you to Southern Spain and you are looking for a bespoke tour operator to craft an itinerary for you, suited to your preferences and expectations, we are here to help!

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