Safe Family Travel in Southern Spain after Covid19

We are very happy to announce our return to touring after the coronavirus lockdown!

This has been thanks to our first post covid19-lockdown guests. A beautiful family for whom we designed a customised program or private tours with fun and active experiences in the Southern Spanish nature for the first week of August 2020.

A family traveling in the South of Spain

Learn all about it in this blog post and get some insights on what travelling in Southern Spain is like after the pandemic lockdown.

Best accommodation options for post-covid19 family travel in Southern Spain:

This family chose their accommodation very wisely. They stayed at the much-acclaimed Hacienda San Rafael. This hotel has beautiful stand-alone villas with private and semi-private swimming pools which are ideal for families with children.

Hotel Hacienda San Rafael

The property is located in the countryside, between the cities of Seville and Jerez de la Frontera and it is an ideal base to enjoy the SouthWestern wonders of Spain. Besides they really know how to pamper their guests there with an exquisite and friendly service and delicious home-made food.

Recommended tours for post-covid19 family travel in Southern Spain:

We knew that this was a very active family with young kids and that they wanted to enjoy some fun outdoors activities together. This was fantastic news indeed as we instantly came up with great tour ideas that were 100% compatible with all the precautions that the health authorities are recommending to take in the post-covid19 travel scenario.

Cycling in the Southern Spanish countryside:

On the first day we took them on a cycle ride through the rolling hills and olive groves of the province of Cádiz. This is a gorgeous ride that we love to take ourselves with our friends and families. It is delightful as it is slightly downhill and it offers beautiful panoramic views of the Southern Spanish countryside.

Family travel in the South of Spain

We managed bikes for everybody except for the youngest member of the family, for whom we got a nice and comfortable carriage. We all made a great team of cyclists and everybody had a lot of fun exploring the rural areas of Andalusia by bike.

Rock climbing and wild swimming in Southern Spain:

On the second day the adventure continued with a very special plan: rock climbing and… wild swimming! This time, the adventure took place in the mountains of the province of Málaga. These mountains area ideal for outdoors activities and they are an easy drive from the Hacienda San Rafael.

First we took our guests rock climbing and everybody proved to be an excellent climber!

A family rock climbing in Southern Spain

Fortunately we have Carlos in our team, who is an experienced climbing instructor and a great climber himself. Carlos took care of the family on the second day, along with his colleague Antonio who provided extra help and assistance for the climb to be extra safe and fun for everybody.

When the sun started to hit the wall where everybody was climbing, the temperatures started to rise. Then our guests started to feel like cooling off somewhere nice… We had anticipated that so Carlos and Antonio took the family to a gorgeous river pool nearby with cold blue waters ideal for a refreshing dip!

A family wild swimming in Southern Spain

The swim in this gorgeous spot was the icing on the cake for a customised tour program that we designed with much excitement and dedication for this lovely family.

Tour with local companies, help local communities! The positive impact of post-covid19 travel.

We will always be immensely grateful to this family for being such kind, warm, interactive, fun, thankful and generous guests. Besides, we expressed our most sincere gratitude to them because with these tours, they contributed to the local economy of SouthWest Spain which has been very badly impacted by the covid19.

If you are thinking about traveling to Spain once you are ready, we’ll be most happy to assist you with any travel planning services you may need. We are a fully licensed and fully insured incoming travel agency with a strong commitment to share the wonders of our homeland through private bespoke trips.

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  1. Fer says:

    Great article, happy mood and adventures. Glad to see you back on the road and making others enjoy Andalucía

    • Ivan says:

      Thank you Fer! This tour felt as great as our very first tour back in 2013. We were so looking forward to being back with our tours!