cadiz and the americas city tour
Cadiz is known for being one of the oldest cities in the world. Many civilizations have been attracted by its strategic coastal location throughout the history leaving an enormous heritage.
One of Cadiz’s most glorious periods started in the early 18th century when it held the monopoly of the trade with the Americas, formerly established in Seville. This attracted many wealthy merchants from different parts of the world who settled down in the city.
Cadiz and the Americas, city tourCadiz experienced then some very important changes and quickly became an exclusive cosmopolitan hub for the emerging international bourgeoisie.
The city keeps many of the lavish colonial palaces that were built at that time as well as some unique pieces of art. Highly renowned painters of that period were commissioned by the most sensitive merchants to decorate their homes and places of devotion.
With this walking tour we will enjoy the beauty and magnificence of those years by walking through the streets, squares and parks of the quarters where the wealthy merchants used to live.
We will also venture into some unique buildings to discover the city’s best kept art and interior architecture secrets.
Cadiz is also famous for being a tapas paradise. We will help you to understand why by taking you to taste some delicious local specialities.
This tour is ideal for people willing to make the most of their time in Cadiz. You will be able to see in one day the most stunning pieces of art and architecture of the city and go straight to two wonderful local tapas bars serving quality food.
  • Duration: the tour lasts for approximately 5 hours, from 9:30 till 14h30 (contact us if you would like us to reschedule this tour for you)
  • Availability: from Monday to Saturday
  • Group size: minimum 1 person, maximum 8 people.
  • Meeting point: by the main door of the Town Hall. We can also meet you at your hotel if you are staying in Cadiz, at the train station if you are coming by train to spend the day or at the Harbour if you are coming on a cruise ship.
  • Prices: start at 52 Euros per person (incl. VAT) for a group of 8 people.
  • Includes: your personal local expert throughout the itinerary and all entrances.
  • Excludes: lunch.
  • Payment: credit card, paypal or bank transfer
  • Note: this tour is not available on December 25th and January the 1st

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