day trips
Departing from your accommodation, these day trips include private transportation in a modern and comfortable vehicle with A/C to various Andalusian destinations we have hand picked for their beauty, character, history and great gastronomy. Your personal tour guide and driver will pick you up and guide you throughout the journey to share with you their local expertise and valuable, insightful information. You will be taken for lunch to wonderful places serving quality food and after some final exploration, you will be driven back to your accommodation.
colonial cadiz day trip
Colonial Cadiz day tripThis undiscovered Atlantic city held the monopoly of all trade with the Americas from 1717 till 1777. Cadiz saw then its most glorious period. It quickly became an exclusive cosmopolitan hub for the emerging international bourgeoisie. The city keeps many of the lavish colonial palaces that were built at that time as well as some unique pieces of art.
With this tour we will enjoy the beauty and magnificence of those years by walking through the streets, squares and parks of the quarters where the wealthy merchants used to live. We will also venture into some unique buildings to discover the city’s best kept art and interior architecture secrets. Read more…
jerez vineyards and sherry bodegas day trip
Jerez vineyards and sherry bodegas day tripThe famous word Sherry comes from “Sherish”. That’s the name that the Muslims gave to the city of Jerez, as we know it today. Previous civilizations in the area such as Phoenicians and Romans had already discovered the secrets of the production of Sherry wines.
Through the centuries this ancient tradition has shaped the landscape, economy and culture of the only area where Sherry has always been produced, known as the Sherry triangle.
This tour will take us to visit a vineyard where we will learn the particularities of the soil, the climate and the grapes that make Sherry so unique. After that, we will do some tasting in a very special bodega. Read more…

hidden gems of Seville day trip

hidden gems of Seville day tripSeville is a beautiful town which tends to keep visitors concentrated within the boundary that is comprised of its impressive world heritage monuments. This often leaves people with a rather limited impression of the city’s character and uniqueness. As well as its history, Seville is colorful, it’s joyous, elegant and fun.
With this tour we will walk first through the quarter where the stunning world heritage sites are. Later we will go to the nearby areas of the town centre where Sevillanos actually live and exercise their hectic social life. We will visit a former 17th century hospital, commissioned by a nobleman who has since been very significant for the locals. We will take a wander around a house that represents the palatial architecture of the town’s wealthiest period… Read more
spanish food and wine workshop day trip
Spannish food and wine workshop day tripThe gorgeous climate and nature of Andalusia combined with the hard work of its wonderful people brings fabulous local produce to the local markets. The sweetest fruits, tastiest vegetables and freshest fish and meat fill the stalls every morning before they are quickly bought and taken home by the locals.
Once in the kitchen, these ingredients are carefully cooked following a wide variety of regional recipes. This results in delicious home made meals that taste like wisdom, love and tradition. Preparing, eating and sharing good food around a table is one of the pillars of Spanish culture. It brings people together and makes every day a celebration.
During this workshop we will experience the joy of shopping, wine tasting, cooking and eating locally Read more…
The cities of Cadiz and Jerez are rarely included in people’s itineraries of Southern Spain. Because of this these two Andalusian gems remain undiscovered, pure and genuine. Located in the Southernmost province of continental Spain, Cadiz and Jerez have a few interesting similarities. However and in spite of their proximity, they are actually very different and truly unique.
The tour starts with a private transfer in a modern and comfortable vehicle from your accommodation to the city of Jerez. Along the way, your personal local host will set the context (historical, cultural and geographical) for this first stop by sharing with you some essential information about the city.
Upon arrival to Jerez, you will be taken on a private walking tour of the old town. Read more…

vejer de la frontera and Cape Trafalgar day trip

vejer de la frontera day tripThe province of Cadiz treasures some of the prettiest whitewashed little towns of Andalusia. Many of them are in the mountains surrounded by forests of Spanish firs and cork oaks but there are also a few sitting on small hills close to the coast. This is the case of Vejer de la Frontera, or simply Vejer. This sleepy quaint village is a beautifully preserved example of traditional architecture and Moorish urban planning.
Vejer is only 10km away from Cape Trafalgar, a spectacular coastal area that saw a famous naval battle in 1805. This battle took the Cape’s name all the way to the most popular square in London but left the gorgeous nature, ancient fishing traditions and wonderful gastronomy of the area intact.
This tour will take us to see the unique charm of Vejer and the natural beauty of Cape Trafalgar. Read more…

cadiz bay sailing tour day trip

cadiz bay sailing tour day tripThe waters of the bay of Cádiz are naturally sheltered and enclosed despite facing directly into the greatness of the Atlantic Ocean. This combined with the fabulous weather that this part of Andalusia enjoys throughout the year makes this bright and historical bay a great spot for sailing.
This 4h sailing tour will take us on an elegant 12m sailboat along the bay from the sweet little port of Rota to where we will be driving from your accommodation.
On the boat we will meet a lovely couple of welcoming local sailors who will take care of us along the journey. You will be able to see from an unique perspective a coastline featuring a series of sandy beaches, small towns, marshes, ancient salt industries and a beautiful natural park where many birds stop over on their migrations. .. Read more
Moorish Ronda day trip
Moorish Ronda Day tripAt a height of 740 meters above the sea level and only 40 kilometers away from the Mediterranean, Ronda is one of the most romantic towns in Andalusia. Its unique location on the edge of a dramatic gorge has served as a natural defense for centuries. Today it offers stunning peaceful views of the surrounding nature.
The Muslims stayed in Ronda for more than seven centuries. This period left a very noticeable footprint in the town’s architecture and urban planning.
This tour will take us to enjoy the charm of Moorish Ronda. We will explore the beauty of the old town, stopping to see the gorgeous interiors of a former noble residence. We will also visit the arab baths which are incredibly well preserved. Read more…

the white villages up on the hills day trip

the white villages day tripThe white villages or “pueblos blancos” in South West Andalusia are some of those places that make you feel inspired and welcome instantly. Their stunning beauty and slow pace make it easy to picture yourself living there someday. The simplicity of life seems to rule in these gorgeous sleepy towns overlooking fertile valleys and beautiful natural parks.
Their enviable hilltop locations with panoramic long distance views have attracted many different settlers throughout the centuries.
This tour will take us to the villages of Medina Sidonia and Arcos de la Frontera. We will start our journey driving first to Medina Sidonia, also knowns as “The Balcony of Cádiz” for its impressive views over the whole province. Nowadays famous for its gastronomy and delicious homemade sweets…Read more

sherry cheese and sweets day trip

three towns - three treats, day tripThe province of Cadiz keeps various traditional food and wine industries in its different regions. Many of them have the charm of being small, family owned and family run.
They often welcome visitors into their workplaces. There they explain the history of the company and the production process to finally offer their guests a variety of their artisan produce to taste. This allows people not only to savour the local delicacies but also to discover more in-depth the character of the region, its lifestyle and its ways to understand and respect food and wine.
This tour has been designed to visit and taste the wonders of three different small traditional industries in three different parts of the province of Cadiz. We will visit a local goat’s cheese factory in Rota, a family owned Sherry bodega in Jerez and some ancient sweet shops in the quaint whitewashed town of Medina Sidonia. Read more