Spain Travel Advisory 2024 and ETIAS Europe

As a Spanish incoming travel agent, we feel responsible to provide updated travel advisory for 2024 and also the latest updates on ETIAS Authorizations to travel to Europe in 2024.

First of all, we are very happy to announce that there are no Covid 19 restrictions anymore for non-essential travel to Spain.

This means that no Covid 19 health documents are needed to enter the country and that no health controls are carried out upon arrival in Spain.

It is nevertheless recommended not to travel to Spain from any other country if you have symptoms compatible with Covid 19. 

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We also still follow some Covid-19 precautions in our Spain private tours and bespoke travel itineraries.

Can I travel to Spain?

There are no Covid 19 restrictions anymore to enter Spain. However the general conditions for entry into Spain still apply. These vary from country to country and the best sources of information to find the specific entry conditions for each country are the Spanish embassies and consulates. 

Can I travel to Spain from USA?

Yes. Travellers from the United States are now allowed by the Spanish government to enter Spain without any proof of Covid-19 vaccination, or recovery or a negative test. Also travellers from the US don’t need a VISA for entry into Spain in 2024. 

However in 2024 (the start date is still to be announced) travellers from the US will need an ETIAS travel authorization to travel to Spain and Europe.

What is an ETIAS Travel Authorization?

It is an entry requirement for visa-exempt nationals travelling to Spain and 29 other European countries as of 2024. It is a personal authorization linked to a passport number and it is valid for up to three years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first.

When do I need ETIAS to travel to Spain and Europe from the US?

ETIAS Travel Authorizations will be compulsory to travel to Spain and Europe from the US in 2024. The exact date when ETIAS Authorizations will come into effect has not been announced yet. Actually ETIAS Travel Authorizations cannot be applied for yet.

What do I need to apply for an ETIAS Travel Authorization?

To apply you will need a valid passport to which a visa may be affixed. Your passport should not expire in less than three months from your return date from Spain to your country of origin and it should not be older than 10 years. You will also need to pay via credit/debit card a fee of 7€.

Covid precautions in our Spain private tours and bespoke travel itineraries

Following the recommendations of the National and International Health Authorities, we have incorporated the following measures into our Spain private tours and custom travel itineraries and vacations:

We hope this Spain Travel Advisory and ETIAS Europe information for 2024 has been useful to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need further information as we will be delighted to help.

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