Our collection of private extended tours of Andalusia

These extended tours of Southern Spain consist on an itinerary of between 3 and 9 days. Each of them has been carefully curated to discover particular areas or cultural aspects of our homeland in depth.

Each of these travel itineraries of Andalusia includes private transportation in modern and comfortables vehicles with impeccable drivers, selected tours and experiences with kind, educated and personable local hosts, full accommodation in beautiful hand-picked hotels and some meals in our favourite local restaurants.

This is our collection of private extended tours of Southern Spain:

The Romantic Travelers in Andalusia | Culture, Nature, Food & Wine tour

Ronda dramatic gorge in Southern Spain

The 19th century saw a generation of Romantic Travellers who visited Southern Spain to learn about the links between its history, people’s lifestyles and their environment.

This 9 day itinerary has been designed for those travellers wishing to see and feel Andalusia like the Romantic travellers did in the 19th century.

It aims to show from a local perspective how the different cultures that have lived in Southern Spain throughout history have shaped its unique architecture, healthy Mediterranean gastronomy, ancient industries, breath-taking landscapes and living traditions.

The wonders of Cadiz | Culture, Nature, Food & Wine tour

Cadiz cliffs Atlantic Ocean Cape Trafalgar

The province of Cadiz is an extraordinarily diverse Spanish territory which has a lot to offer to those travellers with a thirst for history, culture, architecture, nature, wine and culinary discoveries. 

This 5-day tour has been designed to discover and experience the wonders of this rather unknown part of Southernmost continental Spain.

Bathed by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and facing directly onto the African continent, the province of Cadiz treasures miles of beautiful unspoilt coastline, millenary heritage, unique colonial towns, beautiful food and wine and sleepy, whitewashed hilltop villages. 

Walking the Genal valley | Outdoors, Nature, Food & Wine tour

Hiking tours of the Genal Valley. Southern Spain

Located between Ronda and the Mediterranean sea, the Genal valley is one of the greatest examples of the beauty of the Andalusian outdoors.

Spotted with tiny whitewashed villages, this sleepy valley has gorgeous rivers of crystal-clear waters running through it as well as vast forests of chestnut, cork and pine trees, making it ideal for hiking. Small wineries, little farms and fertile crops taken care of by friendly locals also populate the hillsides and river banks of this self-sufficient, lost magical valley.

This three-day itinerary will allow us to enjoy the natural wonders of the Genal Valley and the fabulous food and wine it treasures.