in-depth itineraries sin punto
These in depth tours consist on an itinerary of between 3 and 9 days. We have designed them compiling a series of unique experiences which allows our guests to discover in depth a specific Andalusian area or theme.
They include the services of your personal guide and driver throughout the tour, full accommodation in beautiful hand-picked hotels and some meals in selected local restaurants.
the romantic travelers in Andalusia
romantic rondaThe 19th century saw a generation of Romantic Travelers who redefined ways to observe places and people. They didn’t judge according to idealised success but rather the way people and places were able to generate emotions through their authenticity and beauty. They traveled to Southern Spain to learn about the links between its history, people’s lifestyles and their environment.
This 9 day itinerary has been designed for those wishing to see and feel Andalusia like the Romantic travelers did in the 19th century.
It aims to showing from a local perspective how the different cultures that have lived in Southern Spain throughout the history have shaped its unique architecture, ancient industries, breath-taking landscapes and living traditions in the West of its most picturesque region: Andalusia. Read more

the wonders of cadiz puntito

trafalgarThe province of Cadiz in South West of Spain is an extremely diverse region which has a lot to offer to those having a thirst for culture, nature and culinary discoveries.
Its location between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, its fascinating history, heterogeneous geography and proximity to Africa have shaped very different cities, landscapes, traditions and lifestyles throughout its extension.
This tour has been designed to show the wonders of this rather undiscovered part of Spain where unspoilt coast, millenary heritage, unique colonial towns, beautiful food and wine and sleepy quaint villages fortunately remain eclipsed by the main tourist areas and attractions of Andalusia… Read more.

walking the genal valley

secret valleyLocated between Ronda and the Mediterranean sea, the Genal valley is one of the greatest examples of the beauty of the Andalusian outdoors.
Spotted with tiny whitewashed villages, this sleepy forest has gorgeous rivers of crystal clear waters running through it. This abundance of natural resources and the gentle Mediterranean climate shaped a basic and charming industry that started in Moorish times. Small vineyards and wineries, river mills and citrus plantations featuring a clever system of irrigation ditches populated the hillsides and river banks of this lost magical valley. Nowadays, there’s only past evidence of this primary industry hiding in the beautiful wilderness of the forest.
This three day walking tour will allow us to enjoy the natural wonders of the area while learning how its past settlers lived and which basic industries they had. Read more