Payment of private bespoke tour of Seville. 5th of June. 4 pax.

Description and schedule of services:

Saturday the 5th of June: Seville on wheels and private walking tour of its Royal Palace (the Alcazar) and of the Jewish quarter.

10am: meet your personal local host and take a 5min walk to the nearest point where bicycles are allowed.
10:05am: upon arrival to the pickup point, you will all be given your own bicycles to start a private bike tour of Seville’s most iconic areas just outside the city walls. These will include some of the most beautiful constructions that were erected in the city in the 1920s for the Iberian-American exhibition, Plaza de España, María Luisa park, the northern section with the perfectly preserved fragments of the old medieval walls, la Macarena, the former hospital of the five wounds and the grounds where the 1992 world exhibition was held. This tour will allow you to get a wider perspective of the city, of its history, of its inhabitants and of some of the most meaningful spots for the locals.
11:45pm: end of your cycling tour, bike drop off and short guided walk through the old Sephardic sections of the city to the Royal Alcazar (UNESCO World Heritage Site).
12:15pm: upon arrival to the Alcazar, enjoy a private walking tour of the site. The Alcazar is a massive complex of palaces erected in different periods and of breath-taking gardens of different styles. The Alcazar has stunning historical constructions featuring a very particular crossover between Hispanic-Muslim and Christian architecture styles, called Mudejar. This style became very fashionable in Seville in the 14th and 15th centuries amongst the Christian nobility and it reached its maximum splendour in Seville. Another essential part of the Alcazar is the famous house of Trade, which once hosted the offices from where all the commerce with the new world was managed. After enjoying these inner areas, you will be taken to the gardens which are an exquisite sample of European gardening from the 16th until the 20th centuries.
1:45pm: end of your tour program.

Price of this tour for a private group of 4 people: 78 Euros per person (312 Euros in total).

This price includes:
– Personal local host from Genuine Andalusia throughout the journey.
– Bicycles for everybody for the bike tour.
– Entrance tickets to the Alcazar.
– All taxes.
– Recommendations of things to do and see in Seville on your own and of places to go for food and wine in Triana and in other quarters of the city.

Confirmation and payments:
In order to confirm this tour we require a 30% deposit to be paid via credit/debit card no later than the 17th of May. The remaining amount can be paid anytime no later than 48h prior to the start of the tour via the same method. 

30% deposit needed to reserve the tour (to be paid no later than the 17th of May): 93,6 Euros.


Final 70% needed to confirm the tour (to be paid no later than 48h prior to the start of the tour): 218,4 Euros.


Cancellation policy:
If the Covid19 restrictions didn’t allow for this tour to happen, we’d give you a full refund.
If you decided to cancel the tour between the 17th of May and and the 2nd of June, we’d charge the deposit only.
If you decided to cancel the tour between the 2nd and the 4th of June, we’d charge 100% of the full cost of the tour.