Culture and heritage in our tours
The long and colorful history of Andalusia has left an important footprint on people’s lifestyles and customs and on towns architecture and urban planning. This combination of Culture and Heritage is one of the three pillars of Genuine Andalusia and it’s present in all of our tours. However, it plays the most important role in the following ones:

colonial cadiz day trip

Colonial CadizThis undiscovered Atlantic city held the monopoly of all trade with the Americas from 1717 till 1777. Cadiz saw then its most glorious period. It quickly became an exclusive cosmopolitan hub for the emerging international bourgeoisie. The city keeps many of the lavish colonial palaces that were built at that time as well as some unique pieces of art.
With this tour we will enjoy the beauty and magnificence of those years by walking through the streets, squares and parks of the quarters where the wealthy merchants used to live. We will also venture into some unique buildings to discover the city’s best kept art and interior architecture secrets. Read more…
hidden gems of seville day trip
hidden gems of SevilleSeville is a beautiful town which tends to keep visitors concentrated within the boundary that is comprised of its impressive world heritage monuments. This often leaves people with a rather limited impression of the city’s character and uniqueness. As well as its history, Seville is colorful, it’s joyous, elegant and fun.
With this tour we will walk first through the quarter where the stunning world heritage sites. Later we will get to the nearby areas of the town centre where Sevillanos actually live and exercise their hectic social life. We will visit a former 17th century hospital commissioned by a nobleman that has since been very significant for the locals. We will take a wander around a house that represents the palatial architecture of the town’s wealthiest period. Read more…
The cities of Cadiz and Jerez are rarely included in people’s itineraries of Southern Spain. Because of this these two Andalusian gems remain undiscovered, pure and genuine. Located in the Southernmost province of continental Spain, Cadiz and Jerez have a few interesting similarities. However and in spite of their proximity, they are actually very different and truly unique.
The tour starts with a private transfer in a modern and comfortable vehicle from your accommodation to the city of Jerez. Along the way, your personal local host will set the context (historical, cultural and geographical) for this first stop by sharing with you some essential information about the city.
Upon arrival to Jerez, you will be taken on a private walking tour of the old town. Read more…

Moorish Ronda day trip

Moorish RondaAt a height of 740 meters above the sea level and only 40 kilometers away from the Mediterranean, Ronda is one of the most romantic towns in Andalusia. Its unique location on the edge of a dramatic gorge has served as a natural defense for centuries. Today it offers stunning peaceful views of the surrounding nature.
The Muslims stayed in Ronda for more than seven centuries. This period left a very noticeable footprint in the town’s architecture and urban planning.
This tour will take us to enjoy the charm of Moorish Ronda. We will explore the beauty of the old town, stopping to see the gorgeous interiors of a former noble residence. We will also visit the arab baths which are incredibly well preserved. Read more…

the romantic travelers in Andalusia

romantic rondaThe 19th century saw a generation of Romantic Travelers who redefined ways to observe places and people. They didn’t judge according to idealised success but rather the way people and places were able to generate emotions through their authenticity and beauty. They traveled to Southern Spain to learn about the links between its history, people’s lifestyles and their environment.
This 9 day itinerary has been designed for those wishing to see and feel Andalusia like the Romantic travelers did in the 19th century.
It aims to showing from a local perspective how the different cultures that have lived in Southern Spain throughout the history have shaped its unique architecture, ancient industries, breath-taking landscapes and living traditions in the West of its most picturesque region: Andalusia. Read more

the wonders of cadiz province

vejer de la Frontera, CadizThe province of Cadiz in South West of Spain is an extremely diverse region which has a lot to offer to those having a thirst for culture, nature and culinary discoveries.
Its location between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, its fascinating history, heterogeneous geography and proximity to Africa have shaped very different cities, landscapes, traditions and lifestyles throughout its extension.
This tour has been designed to show the wonders of this rather undiscovered part of Spain where unspoilt coast, millenary heritage, unique colonial towns, beautiful food and wine and sleepy quaint villages fortunately remain eclipsed by the main tourist areas and attractions of Andalusia… Read more.

seville behind the scenes city tour

seville behind the scenesSeville is a beautiful city which due to its large size and concentration of world heritage monuments tends to keep visitors within a fairly reduced area. This often leaves them with a rather limited impression of its particular character and uniqueness.
Small secret buildings full of history and tradition, charming corners, artisan shops, hidden courtyards and cosy and quirky local tapas bars are not easily discovered due to the city’s many tourist attractions and multilingual restaurants.
With this walking tour we will explore and learn about the architecture, identity and local everyday life of 4 different quarters in the city centre. We will focus on their history and differences in order to get a wide perspective of the city and its inhabitants. Read more

cadiz and the americas city tour

Cadiz and the AmericasCádiz is known for being one of the oldest cities in the world. Many civilizations have been attracted by its strategic coastal location throughout the history leaving an enormous heritage.
One of Cádiz’s most glorious periods started in the early 18th century when it held the monopoly of the trade with the Americas, formerly established in Seville. This attracted many wealthy merchants from different parts of the world who settled down in the city.
Cádiz experienced then some very important changes and quickly became an exclusive cosmopolitan hub for the emerging international bourgeoisie.
With this tour we will enjoy the beauty and magnificence of those years. Read more