Spain Travel Advisory 2021

Spain is currently open to foreign visitors, but there are still some important travel restrictions. As a Spanish incoming travel agent, we feel responsible for sharing essential and up-to-date Spain Travel Advisory information for 2021.

Also, further below we explain in detail the covid-19 protocols we have implemented in our Spain private tours and travel itineraries as well as updated information about the evolution of covid-19 vaccinations in Spain.

Can I travel to Spain?

Spain’s borders opened in July 2020. However there are strict health controls in 2021 for the vast majority of passengers arriving in the country from abroad.

These controls require to get a QR code from the Spanish Health Authorities before departure from your country of origin. In order to obtain this QR code, travellers must previously submit a health control form to the Spanish Health Authorities, along with proof of a negative Active Infection Diagnostic Test (AIDT), performed no more than 72 hours before arrival in Spain.

Besides, travellers coming from some specific countries must remain in quarantine for 10 days upon entering Spain.

The Spanish ministry of health has a dedicated website in English where it explains this information in detail and updates it periodically.

You can access the list of countries where travellers to Spain need a QR code before departure as well as the list of countries where travellers to Spain must also remain in quarantine upon arrival. Both lists are part of the Spain Travel Health official information.

Can I travel to Spain from USA?

Travellers from the United States are amongst those who need to get a QR code from the Spanish Health Authorities before entering Spain. However, the 10-day quarantine doesn’t apply to US travel to Spain.

Does Genuine Andalusia recommend to travel to Spain?

At the moment we don’t recommend travelling to Spain from USA or from any other country. Spain is still in a national state of emergency that will last until May the 9th 2021.

There are still mobility restrictions and nighttime curfews, hospitality businesses have limited opening hours, social gatherings are also limited and a large proportion of hotels are temporarily closed.

Status of Covid-19 vaccinations in Spain

Spain has a population of almost 47 million. The first vaccines arrived to the country in December 2020 and were administered to seniors and healthcare and teaching professionals. 

The roll-out of the vaccines is now progressing. The Spanish Ministry of Health updates the information about the number of administered vaccines periodically.

Covid Protocols in our Spain private tours and bespoke travel itineraries

Following the recommendations of the National and International Health Authorities, we have incorporated the following measures into our Spain private tours and custom travel itineraries and vacations:

  • All our personal guides and private drivers wear FFP2 face masks throughout the tours.
  • All our vehicles are sanitized every night with Ozone generators.
  • We have always run private tours only. This means that we never mix different people in our tours
  • We are prioritising outdoors seating areas over indoors ones for lunch.
  • Sanitizing gel and spare FFP2 masks are at the disposal of our guests throughout the tours.
  • Outdoors and nature activities and adventures are our recommendation over urban ones. Also we are recommending private villas and independent accommodation over hotels.
  • We are now offering private workshops and culture activities in these private villas and other independent accommodation.

We hope this Spain Travel Advisory information for 2021 has been useful to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need further information as we will be delighted to help.

We very much look forward to the moment when we can recommend to travel to Spain. However, for the time being, we recommend you to travel to Spain from home by reading our blog and by following us on facebook and instagram. We will all travel again!

Travel now to Spain from home!