A historical Tuna-fishing ceremony: “La levantá”

Genuine Andalusia recently witnessed one of the most historical and spectacular Tuna-fishing ceremonies in South-West Spain: “la levantá del Atún” (The Raising of the Tuna).
Along their Spring migrations from the North Sea towards the Mediterranean, some Tuna are intercepted by a complex labyrinth of nets, previously set along the coast of Cadiz, in South West Spain.
atunes5 wm
This system is called Almadraba and it leads the intercepted Tuna into a final part, called “el copo”, where there’s no way out. Once enough specimens have reached “el copo”, then it’s time to fish them out by raising this trap.

atunes4 wm

The nets are then pulled up manually until the trap has little depth.

atun 6 wm

At this point, some very skilled men jump into the trap and start tying the tails of the living tuna with a rope. When enough Tuna have been tied up, the other end of the rope is pulled by a small crane, installed on the deck of a boat.

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Once the Tuna hit the deck, they are sacrificed almost instantly by skilled fishermen and in a manner that minimizes any suffering caused to the animals.

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