Outdoos and Nature in our tours

Southern Spain has a gorgeous mild climate throughout the year that keeps people’s mood up and stress down. In Genuine Andalusia, we are big outdoors lovers. Our tours have been thought out to spend most of the time outside by avoiding too long drives or an excess of indoors activities. We also like venturing into rural areas to share with our guests the beauty that’s hidden away from the cities. So we have designed some tours for the outdoors and nature lovers:


the white villages up on the hills

medina iluminada1The white villages or “pueblos blancos” in South West Andalusia are some of those places that make you feel inspired and welcome instantly. Their stunning beauty and slow pace make it easy to picture yourself living there someday. The simplicity of life seems to rule in these gorgeous sleepy towns overlooking fertile valleys and beautiful natural parks.
Their enviable hilltop locations with panoramic long distance views have attracted many different settlers throughout the centuries.
This tour will take us to the villages of Medina Sidonia and Arcos de la Frontera. We will start our journey driving first to Medina Sidonia, also knowns as “The Balcony of Cádiz” for its impressive views over the whole province. Nowadays famous for its gastronomy and delicious homemade sweets…Read more


cadiz bay sailing tour day trip

barco2LRThe waters of the bay of Cádiz are naturally sheltered and enclosed despite facing directly into the greatness of the Atlantic Ocean. This combined with the fabulous weather that this part of Andalusia enjoys throughout the year makes this bright and historical bay a great spot for sailing.
This 4h sailing tour will take us on an elegant 12m sailboat along the bay from the sweet little port of Rota to where we will be driving from your accommodation.
On the boat we will meet a lovely couple of welcoming local sailors who will take care of us along the journey. You will be able to see from an unique perspective a coastline featuring a series of sandy beaches, small towns, marshes, ancient salt industries and a beautiful natural park where many birds stop over on their migrations. .. Read more


 vejer de la frontera and trafalgar cape
trafalgarThe province of Cadiz treasures some of the prettiest whitewashed little towns of Andalusia. Many of them are in the mountains surrounded by forests of Spanish firs and cork oaks but there are also a few sitting on small hills close to the coast. This is the case of Vejer de la Frontera, or simply Vejer. This sleepy quaint village is a beautifully preserved example of traditional architecture and Moorish urban planning.
Vejer is only 10km away from Cape Trafalgar, a spectacular coastal area that saw a famous naval battle in 1805. This battle took the Cape’s name all the way to the most popular square in London but left the gorgeous nature, ancient fishing traditions and wonderful gastronomy of the area intact.
This tour will take us to see the unique charm of Vejer and the natural beauty of Cape Trafalgar. Read more…


walking the genal valley in-depth tour

secret valleyLocated between Ronda and the Mediterranean sea, the Genal valley is one of the greatest examples of the beauty of the Andalusian outdoors.
Spotted with tiny whitewashed villages, this sleepy forest has gorgeous rivers of crystal clear waters running through it. This abundance of natural resources and the gentle Mediterranean climate shaped a basic and charming industry that started in Moorish times. Small vineyards and wineries, river mills and citrus plantations featuring a clever system of irrigation ditches populated the hillsides and river banks of this lost magical valley. Nowadays, there’s only past evidence of this primary industry hiding in the beautiful wilderness of the forest.
This three day walking tour will allow us to enjoy the natural wonders of the area while learning how its past settlers lived and which basic industries they had. Read more