Spain Travel Advisory 2023

As a Spanish incoming travel agent, we are very happy to announce that there are no Covid 19 restrictions anymore for non-essential travel to Spain.

This means that no Covid 19 health documents are needed to enter the country and that no health controls are carried out upon arrival in Spain.

It is nevertheless recommended not to travel to Spain from any other country if you have symptoms compatible with Covid 19. 

A plane flying into Spain and a Spanish flag next to it

We also still follow some Covid-19 protocols in our Spain private tours and bespoke travel itineraries. Please see them below along with updated information about the number of Covid-19 vaccinations in Spain.

Can I travel to Spain?

There are no Covid 19 restrictions anymore to enter Spain. The Spanish Ministry of Health has a dedicated website in English with further details.

However the general conditions for entry into Spain still apply.

Can I travel to Spain from USA?

Yes. Travellers from the United States are now allowed by the Spanish government to enter Spain without any proof of vaccination, or recovery or a negative test.

Does Genuine Andalusia recommend to travel to Spain?

Yes! Finally we can say that we recommend to travel to Spain. The nighttime curfews and mobility restrictions are long gone now. Our hotels and restaurants are open and landmarks are all also open across the country too.

All in all, we recommend using a Spain trip planner actually based in Spain with 24/7 support service for your trip. This will offer you peace of mind throughout your trip in case of unexpected circumstances, changes or needs during your trip.

Status of Covid-19 vaccinations in Spain

At the moment 85% of the population is fully vaccinated. The Spanish Ministry of Health updates the information about the number of administered vaccines periodically.

Covid Protocols in our Spain private tours and bespoke travel itineraries

Following the recommendations of the National and International Health Authorities, we have incorporated the following measures into our Spain private tours and custom travel itineraries and vacations:

We hope this Spain Travel Advisory information for 2023 has been useful to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need further information as we will be delighted to help.

We are a Spain travel specialist crafting memorable bespoke trips for very small private groups. The three main pillars of our tours are culture & lifestyle, food & wine and outdoors & nature and the three concepts describing our services best are comfort, beauty and authenticity.

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Iván Ricoy is a travel agent for Spain trips specialised in the Southern region of Andalusia.